Sunday, April 4, 2010

A couple of sites worth checking out

The other day I found a link to a site from another blog. It is very American, but the results are amazing. On the site there is a link to a you tube posting, the wagon at the 1 min mark is amazing.
The techniques are all very hush hush on this site, and Mike does allude to having a 'how to' DVD one day. So then the search was on in earnest to find some useful info. The technique that was used was to replicate a rusted surface. My friend Mr Google found a couple of sites worth visiting. It has turned out that the rusted technique is one where they use salt as a way of stopping a top coat of paint from adhering to the undercoat of rust coloured paint. Most of these sites are for armed forces modelling, however the techniques are very useful in our hobby.

The challenge now is to find the time to give some of these ideas a go. The photos above show some of the surface rusting that wagons do acquire after many years of service. These photos were taken just south of Werris Creek a few years ago by yours truly. There are also some excellent photos taken by Ian Millard on the ARDP disc one. Ian has taken some excellent shots well worth a look at. Have a great week, Geoff.

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