Sunday, November 23, 2014

Armidale Convention 2014

Last weekend I headed down to Armidale and met up with some other modellers from Qld for the Armidale convention. Darren, Brendan, Craig and I shared a unit for the weekend, and Peter was smart enough to to get some peace in a room by himself. I headed down a day earlier hoping to spend some time at Dorrigo and a bit of bush walking at the NP near Ebor.

Friday afternoon we headed over to the bowls club to sign in and catch up with those that we knew. Every time I go to this convention I always end up meeting new people that have some real value to add to the hobby, and to life in general. as happened this year, along with chatting to some familiar faces as well.

The programme followed the same as others. I won't bore you with all the details. Let's say that the speaker and the food on the Saturday evening were outstanding. So what do I want to share with you?
The inspiration comes from many perspectives. Steve McElroy has a method for layout construction that was truly miles apart from anything that I would attempt. The tables were not 100% correct, but you know that encouraged those present to put into use the formulas that he uses. This for me was worth so much more, don't sweat it Steve, we got what you were doing, absolutely! Thanks for doing all the hard stuff to get us to this point.

Ian Dunn didn't disappoint with his session on four wheelers, the research he does is extensive. I think Ian's gift is that he offers a huge amount of knowledge and information that he gets you started with. Then the rest is up to you, I was intrigued.

I can't go passed talking about the convention with out mentioning the Cat on the hot tin roof that was Ian Faingies, now this guy can talk! The amount of info and technique that he brings to a session is almost overwhelming, but very doable. Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm Ian.

Linton, was great to catch up again, great having a chat with Ian and the guys as well. What you've done with sound files, wow!

Is this getting wordy yet? It was meant to be short and to the point. I must mention that without the efforts of the organising committee this wouldn't have been quite so enjoyable, so thanks to Warren, Geoff, Jim, Dave, Kerry, and Gary for their efforts and abilities.
 The weekend simply put is inspiring, giving a new method or perspective to your modelling, and most of all encouraging to do more. So with that thought in mind here are some of the many photos I took on the trip. Not at the convention, but isn't that the idea of going, learning something new and making it your own?
So that will do, except to thank everyone involved with the weekend. To Allan your layout 'Bullenbung Creek' is amazing, a real credit to you. To Ian, and Len, thanks for letting us get 'inside' the layout.
Gary, thank you for the invite I just love what you're doing, and where you live is just fantastic!

The boys over at Kerry's layout, a pleasure as always!
All the boys I caught up with, thanks it was great! For those I didn't meet, there's always the next one!