Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Carriage shed pt1

The workbench has been calling me of late, hence the new project. The Carriage shed is about 80 scale feet long. The overall size of Splitters has meant that the shed is about half the size of the scale drawings I have. The Data Sheets from Greg Edwards show two different designs and I've chosen the skillion roof one to model. I made a simple jig to make up the uprights for this new project. I've used basswood that has been prestained with india ink to give it an aged look. I have made up the frames with a gap at the top of each upright column so that the top plate can be added later to tie all of them together. 

This next photo shows the uprights in the second jig. The jig will allow me to add the bracing to each 'bay', of course it will be lying down to do this.

This last photo gives you an idea of what is next to come. I will be putting the third jig on the back of this, just to hold the 'flimsy' frames in the correct spacing so that the roof batons can be added as well. So there you go, just a short post today. 

Have a great week, Oorroo!