Sunday, April 18, 2010

BANG...BANG False Start!

It would seem that I set myself up for some ribbing, that never happens! This mornings post was a little adventurous, to say the least. As things happen it was actually 4:30 before I got to the train room. The list could be given of the distractions of the day, but welcomed they were. J and Z were home, H was out for a while.

So the modules wait for tomorrow, and yes I actually will have some time to myself then as it's an RDO after a particularly ugly Saturday at the 'office'. The Tuesday Nighters are here this week, and that is a great motivator to get a bit done, PK there just may be some scenic work, Z scale square metre maybe!

The wood is all cut and a few holes drilled, bit late now for the woodwork stuff. A quick post listening to 'the Cure' out in the trainroom, then off for the evening coffee. Till tomorrow, I'll have to practise my starts in future! Geoff.

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