Monday, April 26, 2010

The next long weekend

The first long weekend in May marks the annual Brisbane model railway show. Over the last few years I've shared a stand with Craig from 'Craig's Shed' fame. This year is no different and Craig and I will be on the stand on the Sunday.

Every year Craig has an absolute abundance of rollingstock and buildings on show...and I don't.
This year will not be any different for sure! I do try to do something a bit different and this year I plan to do a bit of rollingstock construction. So I will probably be modelling something a bit different that I have had on the drawing board for a l o n g time, BSV and other early bogie vans of some kind. Ages ago I posted a photo of the BSV and how I was progressing, unfortunately the drawings I'd been using were not accurate, so project shelved. Till now as I've got some great line drawings to work from.

This week has seen some concerted effort at jig construction ready for this weekend. I've sorted through the styrene collection and discovered I actually have all that I need. I'll be packing all the gear up this week, and probably more than I need for the time at the show, well that's what always ends up happening anyway.

I do enjoy the show, catching up with old friends, and being amazed at what so many people accomplish in this hobby. I normally end up being fairly motivated after the show, or is it that Toowoomba is just around the corner? If you're at the show then come on over to the stand, and have a chat, after all I think that's why we're really there, Geoff

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