Friday, April 1, 2011

It's the end of Winter!

I've had a little bit of time in the shed today due to some heavy rain keeping me out of the garden, don't you just hate the weather! I'd finished the ground formation the other day, so I thought I'd get some of the scenic base paint on the way. First order of the day were the rocks that I'd put in. I've not done this before so a bit of experimenting as I went was the order of the day. I put a dark grey on first and then built up the lighter colours on from there. I finished with a wash of 'black ink' (it's a paint made by games workshop called black ink) thinned down in some isocol so that it would find it's way into the cracks and such.

The backscene has had a bit of an update also with a few more sticks and leaves added. I think that part is done for this module now, only have to finish the other two now.
I've put down some colour for under the scenic scatter and tree bits. It is rather brown, but it should tone down once the 'bits' are scattered about on the top, soil seems to always be darker than what's on it in my humble opinion.

You can see the creek bed now on the front RHS of the module. That poses some challenge for me now, just when to pour the water, and what colour to tint the 'bed' below it? The spot on the right where the glue bottle is marks the spot for the school house. I'll do the scenery up to the building when it's placed on the layout. So for now it's plywood I'm afraid!
OK, there is one rock to be painted, the sculptamold around it hadn't quite cured so I left it till it's all dry. I like how it looks when you're closer to the rail. I plan to put plenty of foliage on the rhs of the creek so that the trains run behind something.

That'll do for today I think, Oorroo!


  1. Hi Geoff,
    Looking good. I've packed the skis away now.
    When you start adding some greenery, this will bring it to life.

  2. Geoff,
    That's perfect. When you're finished, you can do plenty more scenery on my layout.

  3. Gday Geoff,
    Looking great. I'd maybe look at doing the creek bed black. I've done this myself with pleasing results. I guess you will 'pour' the water for the creek bed? We used envirotex for our exhibition layout however it sets slowy and produces a dead flat surface. Nice and shinny but.
    The other stuff I used was the Woodland scenics water effects water. Works well too. It allows you to add rippples etc.
    Have fun


  4. Looking Awesome Geoff, but then again I'm not really surprised by your level of care and attention to the modeling you do. I can't wait to see more of the scenery unfold.

  5. The Games Workshop 'Black Ink' looks very effective. I will have to raid my son's modelling kit when my last bottle of the apparently no longer available Gunze Sangyo 'Soot' runs out...

  6. Hey All, thanks for the encouragement and suggestions. Water Ian is the next step, and I was thinking of using some clear gloss for polished boards. I've seen it used , and seems ok. Have you used it or seen it done with any problems?