Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ready...get B-sgetti...GO!

The RDO was a little productive this week. The plan was to complete the last two baseboards and finally bolt them all together. I had a little added motivation with the guys coming over on Tuesday night for our fortnightly get togethers.
Previously I'd cut most of the timber for the framing, and had already drilled and t-nutted the joining timber pieces. The space for the layout is limited and does need to allow space for the kids bikes and my motorbike also. The other side of the garage is home to Helen's car. I had to make sure everything fitted easily, so it was practical as a garage and a train room.
All seemed to be working swimmingly, the layout went together ok, joins matched, it all seems to be working! I had previously built a simple cupboard, that also supported a couple of timber beams that bolted to the wall to support a module of the layout. The long modules are 2.4m long and this 'benchwork' was to support it. The modules bolted together would not have fitted in the space if the 'benchwork' was left in its current location. So off the wall it came and back to its original location. This move meant an additional freestanding unit would be required to hold up the other end of the layout. i had some timber and ply there perfect for the job.
I need to make it quite clear that any type of carpentry is completely alien to me, and the idea of a join being square is something I still aim for. However on saying that, so far so good.
Everything seems to have worked, it fits together, fits in the space, everything is user freindly, I can actually enjoy the space I've created. The workbench is a good space, tools have room to be used, what else is there, it worked!
Tuesday night saw the guys over, and I was interested in their feedback. They all have some very well organised layout spaces, amny with outstanding results in their layout construction, and many well into organising a large layout, with a real 'feel' about it. They seemed to like (as do I) seeing the layout all together, with it at a viewable height, and seeing firsthand what it will be like to operate, rather than just some chicken scratchings that I've managed to draw out for them. We had a great night actually, plenty of modelling discussion and problem solving, and generally enjoying each others company. A great night, and a great way to finish off a few days of work for me, most enjoyable. Here's some photos, the top one is actually the last photo, they were loaded in the right order but came up in the reverse! so start at the bottom and work your way up to see what I've ended up with, Geoff.

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