Monday, July 5, 2010

Quick Update

The weekend has come and gone so very quickly. How many times will I start a post with these words! I know someone is keeping a tally.

Anyway, after four days off work, hacking away at the back yard, filling a five cubic metre skip, I still managed a bit of time out in the train room. Yep most definitely the yard was the major focus, and probably will be next weekend as well.

So I had some time and began fitting the pelmets and backboards to the last modules of SSC.
There is still a fair bit to go, but it is fairly basic in design, so not much can go wrong. The light board is set back 100mm from the front edge of the layout. There are many points of view to displaying a layout as far as the lighting is concerned. I personally like the idea of variation in light levels, with a focus on open areas of the layout, as opposed to areas that will be heavily greened and wooded on SSC. I am using the screw in bulb version of Fluoro bulb. this gives me the ability to vary the wattage of the globe, and light colour also. I've started 'testing' the colour variations in, cool white, warm white, daylight. It seems that every manufacturer has their own name for the colour of their lights. I used bulbs as I wanted to keep the weight down in the top of the layout.

The 'beginner' in me is very present in the construction of this layout, it is in fact my first, nothing has been built before. I say that to remind myself. I must admit to being hard on myself when it comes to modelling, as is evidenced by some of the unfinished projects in the 'unfinished draw'.

Now this weekend, there is yard, H, and Trains, what will be the focus?