Monday, April 5, 2010

Backdrops...Somebody pinch me and wake me from the nightmare!

OK I really struggle with the painting of backdrops. The need to have something half decent causes me a huge amount of stress. The clouds are the issue, sky as well. When I get to the foreground I try and have as much detail to distract the casual observer from the 'mash' that lies behind. Yes there are photos, two for the sake of a record for this blog. I can say with all honesty, the bacdrops are a sure fire way to get me to do more scenic work, if only to cover what lies behind.
Whoa! I feel better now, onto what happens next. The foreground will be where most of the work will be as I attempt to show the surroundings as being fairly close. The idea to feel like you are more 'in' the layout rather than floating somewhere in the distance. Hope it works that way, time will tell. Then some landscaping will happen, can't wait as this is my favourite part!
Catchya, Geoff.


  1. Geoff...mate...looks great!! It's amazing with even the small section you've done and even without any scenery, just how much better it looks. You've captured the blending of the blues into white really well.

    Remember, the backdrop is there only to enhance the modelling. It shouldn't draw your attention away from the main scene.



  2. Hi Geoff,
    Looking good, I like the clouds as well. It's giving me food for thought about backdrops as I was going to keep mine fairly basic. Having seen yours, I might have to review that. By the way, thanks for your tip re:sleeper stains. I've got another question, what do you use for the sleepers themselves?

  3. Rob, I've only ever used basswood from Kappler. I normally get it from gwydir valley models in northern NSW. I'd say that you can get it from many other places. I like it as it comes in a great range of sizes, in 300mm lengths. I use it because of its strength as apposed to balsa, really necessary I think so that you don't need to replace or redo any of your hard work, and it is finely cut from this supplier, so no fuzz.Geoff.