Sunday, August 4, 2013

Installing the stiff leg derrick

I've had a bit of time out in the shed today, so I was able to finally put the Derrick crane in it's location. I have had a bit of fun finishing this one off using oingo boingo wire and some nicely laser cut pulley wheels. I had to glue the 'wire' to the pulley wheels before mounting the wheels on the crane. It would have been near impossible to get it right after mounting the pulleys onto the crane. It was fiddly but ended up ok. 
 The crane can rotate on the central post. By using the stretchy wire I'm able to attach the crane to the timber load, and it is taught. I'm also able to move the crane around to the line and can attach it to the load for a change in scene.
I've tried a new brand of paint on the rust on this model, and it is an air brush ready paint made by Vallego, called their model air paints. They come in a drip dispensing bottle, already thinned to airbrush. They have some great colours, and are great to work with. Worth a look if you can find them, I got mine from a local wargammers shop. 
 The mech was fiddly to construct, but I'm happy with it now it's all together. The original kit that I purchased is really almost non existent, the timber and a few of the white metal parts, but over half have been left behind. Interesting the company who puts out the kit were no help with better instructions, or quality white metal castings. If I was building another one I'd do it from photos and put together a kit of parts myself. Once you get a handle on just how they go together they really aren't that difficult to construct, although threading the 'wire' was my 'favourite' part!
Anyway a quick post tonight, have a good week,