Sunday, March 28, 2010

Will something worth looking at emerge from this?

This is it, organisation at it's best! Through the mess something beautiful will, that was a song lyric I think, and certainly wouldn't apply to this lot. Although I feel a certain sense of order in my modelling even though the workspace is so much of the opposite. Now amongst this is a Berg's LV kit, the mech from one of my 48's, being tinkered with, a Casula K wagon kit, Steam era wheelsets, AR pourable wagon weight, the list goes on.

The LV is not a bad kit, and certainly will run around at Toowoomba this year quite happily. I picked up some brass cast wagon buffers that I'm usung instead of the moulded on effort. All four sides are together and I've been tidying up the side sills ready to add them soon. I'll be adding some basic brake gear next, and I've got some Ian Lindsay brake blocks somewhere that I'll be using. As far as anything else with the brake gear it will probably be star wheels and some brass wire to imitate the brake gear under the wagon. I take a dreadful photo, and it actually is better than it looks.

I weakened this last week and ordered some of the shorter axles for the K wagon, enough for ten wagons. I plan to use them in the timber sleeper wagons that I've had on the drawing board for the last four years. I cetainly don't rush things you know! A photo of these shows you where I'm up to with them. They don't look too bad, and will only be viewed from a distance. Over the last couple of years I've developed two sets of rollingstock, the first for at home and the second for Toowoomba. That being the plan anyway. The idea being to only take the less detailed gear to T'ba, and leave the finer stuff at home. Well a combination of slow progress and wanting to show the guys at T'ba what I've been working on means that everything tends to be taken along.

So there you go, the best laid plans of mice and men, as they say...

The 48 mech has been a bit of a bummer, I'd been fooling around with decoder settings and had taken the mech apart to ensure all was well. Then all back together,and it was ready to show the guys one Tuesday night and it ran like a pig! Today had a bit of time to model so out it came, apart, and discovered that I'd not put it back together correctly, too much pressure on the axles from a sideframe. Now I've adjusted the motor dogbones so they seem to run better. I'll let it all cure then take ti to the club on Tuesday for a run around, we'll see how it goes.

It's been great to get out to the shed today, refreshing, no doubt that next weekend may have a little bit of time free, fingers crossed. Happy Easter!


  1. Geoff,

    At least you have a modelling desk. I have not used mine since I've been in the shed - about 4 years. My desk is just full of junk. I do hope to get it cleared and operational eventually. In the mean time I just use the kitchen table and don't I get into trouble for that. Don't mention the Christmas Table Cloth that I put a hole in.

    The models look very nice. It is great to see you worked out why the 48 class mech was stuttering above 4 weeks ago when we visited. Do you want to pick up those mags sometime this week or weekend?


  2. Geoff,
    Your work bench looks tidier than mine!!! I find that I've always got 2 or 3 things going at once with bits and pieces lying everywhere along with the tools. The sleeper carriers are looking good and I'd be interested to see how you go with the LV. Interesting you mention Ian Lindsay, last time I spoke with him he was having health issues and said he was winding up the business. This was over a year ago, and when I heard that, I bought a big stock of brake blocks from him as this was one item I didn't want to have to scratchbuild in numbers.

  3. Lookin' good Geoff. I like the wagons - I see your 2 left feet didn't get in the way like on the 48 loco! hehehe

    CYA at the next Tuesday Nighter's,

  4. Rob, I placed a 'bit' of an order a couple of years ago as I'd heard the same. Since then a good mate has ordered more after sending an inquiring E-mail, asking what was still available. The reply was that production was ongoing, with only a few things dropped off the list. Great news really.

  5. Geoff,
    That's good news regarding Ian. He was always a nice guy and I really felt for him when he told me about his health. Anyway, glad to hear he's ok and producing.