Sunday, December 5, 2010

Perfect weather for ducks...and for modelling!

The yard at SSC, shame the photo isn't a little clearer, but you get the idea I'm sure.

There really can't be much rain left in the skies after the last couple of days. The weathermen are saying that Thursday will bring some more, so we'll see. The rain has meant a little more time out in the train room, just what I needed.

The last couple of weeks have been hectic for many reasons. The main one modelling speaking is that after having the boys around for a Toosdy Niters evening I discovered that I've been using some rather out of gauge gauges.

Some time ago I purchased some gauges that were not NMRA approved, and it seems that I've been 'ripped off'. I don't think that it's much to ask for gauges to be accurate, after all that's what we buy them for!

I would have preferred to have discovered this fact before I laid the trackwork on the first module. It could have been worse I could have finished the trackwork. What all this does is point out how the rp2/ 110 and 88 are to a very lowest common denominator. This for me has me dreaming of Proto 87 ( well down the line somewhere I expect.) As all the wheelsets ran through the points quite ok. In fact I've been shunting on the first module and running through the points without issue. I daresay the loco i've been using is in need of re-gauge.

Here I am with all this rain, and plenty of trackwork to rework. I've started with the points that are not yet laid. So far so good, lots of checking and minor adjustments, but they are coming along ok.

I really would like to get the trackwork finished as I'm busting to get into the scenery. I know busting really? Maybe some of the moisture in the air has had an effect on me...well at least whilst writing this post. Enjoy the rain, and the modelling opportunities it provides, Oorroo!