Friday, April 30, 2010

The art of jig construction

As stated in the previous post, I'm off to the Brisbane Model Railway Show this weekend. As usual I'm not sure what to take, but I have learnt that the thing you leave behind is the thing you'll need desperately on the day. So I've packed everything, well that's what Craig will think when I get to his place.

I've been spending plenty of time at the workbench this week with a number of jigs as a result. I do have a box full of jigs from previous projects, but not so many as for this one project. It could well have been more except for the fact that the timberwork is the same on each end of the wagon, so that I can flip the wagon side over to work on the inside. Even so there are four jigs put together now, and they really don't look to be in any way able to make something remotely like a sheep van. I'm not the prettiest carpenter, but it all seems to work as it should.

So the test is this Sunday, at the workbench. I'll post the results with some photos at the end of this Labor Day long weekend. Ooroo, Geoff.

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