Monday, January 9, 2012

G1b Goods Shed pt1

The G1b project has begun. I wanted to add a little detail to the construction of this model as it will be located, front and centre on the Evans' Gap side of the layout. The budget of pioneer lines meant that the adage I've used to describe them as 'just enough to get the job done' , certainly applies here.

I enjoy the look of the detail of O scale board by board construction, and I try to do what's possible for HO. There are plenty of scale lumbers around, but I prefer the Kappler range supplied by Warren at Gwydir Valley Models (link in my suppliers list). I have a Data Sheet plan of this shed and I use them to build over during construction. I've used a simple construction method, floor planking down first, and tensioned together. then on top mounted the joists, then the bearers. Once this had all glued together I gave it a quick stain, with dilute india ink, and a little teak on the underside, then a teak stain on the top.

Next its on to the wall construction, built over the plan also. To keep things moving along I've undercoated the corrugated campbells siding, ready to mount around the building once the walls are in place.
This photo is not of a G1b, but does show the exterior colour that I'm going for. This is the goods shed at Canowindra NSW. I will be modelling the shed with the doors open so that a glimpse of the interior is possible.
OK now this shot is of interior of the Manilla Goods shed. The interior bracing, and door detail is what I'm after. Been a while since the 'maid' worked here I think.

I took these photos through holes in the iron, or through smashed windows in the end office. If any of you venture to this location, please don't make the same mistake I did and wear a jacket that cobblers pegs attach to in their thousands! (yep! no exaggeration either!) Check out the subtle weathering of the timber colour onto the iron, just how can we do this in HO?
So here's the plan and one end on it. I just had an idea for the second side. Rather than building the other side on top of the existing one, which may well damage the first one, especially when I separate both; I've made a colour copy of the reverse of the constructed side. Now I'll try and build a second side on the copy.
Yep, came up ok, so on to the front and rear walls. I think that will have to do for now,
Ooroo! Geoff.