Thursday, May 19, 2011

View over the creek

Here's a couple of photos to show what I've been up to. I tried not to get any background in the shots, but it does therefore make it a little close. Any way a step closer to what I wanted, trees to go, after T'ba for sure. Not long to go, just over two weeks, who says there's no stress in railway modelling? H has been great with extra time out in the train room. The guys came over on Tuesday, and they seemed to like the layout height, which I wanted their feedback on.

A couple of track issues to fix, and some more rail to go down.
That's about it gotta get back to it, Geoff.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A day of chatting and modelling

The May Show comes around faster every year, and this year was no exception. As has been the case the last few years I've been able to work on the RMCQ Structure Building Table.

Craig picked me up and drove quite safety till the local council workers (pelicans!) decided to close the lane we were in using witches hats...YEP! NO other signage! You've gotta love road closures for May Day Marches. Craig took it calmly, merging effortlessly into the right hand lane, without a hint of panic, gestures, verbal assaults, or in fact any response. Maybe he did the same as me, and was wallowing in a self imposed cloud of stink!

So then we arrived and were guided to our parking spot and within minutes we were in the pavilion and off to make the first coffee. We still had plenty of time till opening so off we went, coffee and wallets, what a winning combination. I headed straight to Horizon Hobbies and picked up a couple of things, including some riley paint in 'purple brown' ready to paint a horse box I have squirrelled away somewhere. Then around to Austral and Ray was quick to tell me that the decoder I've had on order for a 'short while' had come in. Over to Railco and I picked up some NZ scatter in Aussie 'gum' colours, not bad at all.

Then back to the stand in time for the general public. Craig had his collection of scratch built models out ready to go, so then I put out my four. Four, I know, pathetic really, but I'm nothing if not consistently slow. I finished off the loading bank I've been working on, and began work on the station building for SSC. All was going well, especially when Craig handed over the styrene that I didn't have, thanks Craig!

Ian came over for a chat later on, this guy is inspiring, he'd brought over a ground frame set up with point rodding chairs and various compensators. All brass etches and very fine, and they look fantastic! He also brought over a master for a louvre van that they're working on. The detail in the wagon is outstanding, can't wait for them to be available. He was telling me about a new catchphrase that he picked up from Peter B. I think, it was 'glue is for girls'. Ian is heading to Toowoomba with the Coffs Harbour layout, however they are staying in a van at the Big 4 park. So in the spirit of the moment and after some thought, especially since he's not staying in the Shed, here goes...Vans are for VR modellers!
Sorry it was all I could think of, no offence to VR modellers meant!

The day wound up so quickly, too much chatter i suppose, and hardly a second to look around at the layouts, bugger!

See you in Toowoomba!