Sunday, October 7, 2012

Station Masters Residence - update

The painting and finishing of a model spells the end of a project, and for me it's the part I like the least. The risk of stuffing up a project that you've been working on for ages has me feeling a little bit tense. The weather is a bit warm today, hot and not real humid so perfect for splashing some paint on the Stationmasters' home. 

I've used the tamiya undercoat as I really like the finish of this paint without having to apply too much paint. Then on with the topcoat of a stone like colour (tamiya spray TS-68 wooden deck tan). Not a bad look. I've added some of the trim paint, but this will need another coat. 
 The corro is yet to go on along with the last of the trim. I've cleared the spot where the house is to go and I'm thinking of reworking the profile of the landscape immediately in front of the house. I'd just like to drop that hump down a bit that you can see in the second photo.
The palm trees are new, but not where they'll end up, just had to put them somewhere. You can see in the second photo the location of the house in relation to the station building, then opposite is the goods shed spot, but that's a whole other post! 
Have a great week, Oorroo!