Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Count down To-woomba...TMTEX 2012

This little green/blue globe we live on seems to be circulating a little faster round the sun these days! Another year has passed, and it's Toowoomba Show time again in a couple of weeks.

Each time I've been to the TMTEX I've been pleasantly surprised by what the DDMRC have put together. It has been a very long time since I've attended a show as one of the many visitors who turn up. Since that first visit I've been every year since as part of a great group of blokes in my club, or a smaller group exhibiting our own layouts.

So what is the attraction then to head up the range each year? 
From the public's perspective it would have to be the range of layouts that turn up, the shopfronts to add something to your modelling box, or to entertain the grommets for a few hours, or entertain the 'old boy' for a bit, and I guess the family friendly, value of the event that it is, with free parking and good value food!

From a presenter's perspective, it would be the catchup with mates that you rarely see away from the T'ba weekend, the welcome you feel from the DDMRC, the opportunity to have a break from our daily routines and enjoy our hobby with like minded people, swapping ideas and recharging the 'enthusiasm' batteries for another year. Yep, to misbehave a bit if required, and have a great time. Then there is opening the door to a hobby that we all enjoy, and therefore maybe introduce someone new to our hobby, 
(H would say it's almost a way of life!) I always try to make sure people are left knowing that we don't PLAY TRAINS, we are for the most part railway historians who copy the world in miniature!

Of course the weekend is about the journey as well as the destination. When does the journey begin then? As you pack the trailer or is it with the layout construction? Each year Daz and I seem to find a different route to travel, or something new to photograph. I've loaded a couple to show you what I mean. They're not railway shots, but so little of our layouts are it makes sense to record other subjects to model for inspiration. The old servo with its car mechanic ramp and pit, a steam driven sawmill, and the old family home.

Here are the fellas, wearing the standard edition Toowoomba wardrobe, Daz and Brendan.  Guys I hope we have as much fun this year!  
Old servo with it's out of use mechanics ramp, how things have changed!

New building, old loco, at the timber mill and yard on the way to Toowoomba 2010.

Now to 2012, who will we meet? What will I learn? and how many people will just hate the smell of our bacon cooking on Saturday morning? Looking forward to catching up with you all. See you in a couple of weeks at Toowoomba!
Oorroo, Geoff.