Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trials of a non walled train room,the Discovery Bay saga

This afternoon I had a brief stint out in the train room. The aim was to organise the baseboard for the next module. The framework I finished last week, and also had put in the uprights for the backboard. When I'd done the initial planning of the track design I had laid out the baseboards on the garage floor and drawn the trackplan straight on it. So I'd thought I had done all I could to ensure it went ok when I bolted the boards to the framework. So far it seems to have worked ( but only one has been bolted together so far!)

Today marks the second baseboard having the actual trackplan board bolted to it. To my amazement it seems to be ok. I'm not getting excited just yet as all four boards are not finished yet. So I'll reserve my judgement for a little while yet.

Last week I started to paint the backdrop, and I really want to get a bit more done to the next module so that more of the painting can be completed. Discovery Bay is a british paint sample pot colour that I started to paint the backdrop with. So off I went to Bunnings to get another pot of samples! Well what is it they say about the 'best laid plans of mice and men'? Of course the paint samples are not stocked anymore, typical! So here I am with a litre pot sample now, spose I'll use it eventually. The sample pots were a couple of dollars, and of course the cheapest ceiling flat paint can't be tinted in the colour I want, only the $27 tin of flat paint can...yep, happy 'bout that one!

This was going to be a quick post, so I'd better go, I'll finish with a photo of a building to go onto SSC in modelled form of course!

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