Sunday, March 27, 2011

A pleasant afternoon at Nimmitabel

On Saturday I took Mike along to Darren's for a look at the start of his layout. Start? Really this is such an understatement for what Daz has already achieved. When we arrived Craig, Shelton, and Brendan had already turned up, and soon after Peter arrived also.

The layout room is well organised and tidy, something I can't quite get a handle on yet. I really enjoyed shunting on the layout, the track height is spot on! Shelton (left) and Mike can be seen here enjoying the shunting at Wattle Flat.
The track design is really pleasing to operate on, with plenty of opportunities for shunting of wagons, and making up trains to leave the yard. Darren has taken his time in the planning and laying of track, and it shows. The running quality of the layout meant no derails, or hickups of any type really. You can see in this shot the yard of Wattle flat on the left, and of course the 'fellas'.
Darren had sound fitted to the loco's we were shunting with, and it added so much to the 'fun' of the day. The loco's ran very well, no hesitation over points at all. I did favour the 32, can't help it sorry, have I told you I think I was born in the wrong century?

This next shot sees Darren showing Shelton the planned siding building for in the corner of the yard, the fruit siding at Canowindra is the actual building. A great idea for a bit of operational variety. You all should note the new hand controller that Daz is holding, quite exceptional!
I took a number of shots, but really it's a case of needing to see with your own eyes to appreciate what Darren has achieved already. He certainly is the quiet achiever of our group, and more than willing to share his ideas and techniques for those wanting a bit more info.

The beer was cold the snags hot and the company outstanding! A great afternoon, that must be repeated some time soon! Thanks Daz.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Landscaping in March-2

Is it me or is this the most enjoyable part of our hobby? I mean the lack of drawings to follow, no scale sizes to match, just a photo or idea to put into practice. I'm enjoying a break from the measured modelling and this random tree making, grass planting, backscene painting stuff is pretty good. Throwing around a bit of paint is really therapeutic I think (shame it doesn't help my spelling).

Time is marching on and I did receive an e-mail confirming SSC's appearance at TMTEX this year. I had planned right at the beginning stages for SSC to be a small layout so that there would be less work for a greater impact, as far as the scenery goes. There was also the idea that a smaller layout would have a shorter break between train 'sightings'. For now it means that a few hours/days work show a very real change to the layouts appearance. So far things seem to be working out, I'll have more to say on this as time goes on for sure!

I've posted one of the original plans for SSC and as you can see there have been a couple of changes. The plan still stands as the longer term goal for the layout. For now I've had to change one major item, that being the trestle bridge. Down the track, not sure when, a trestle bridge will appear, but not this year! A couple of other things, but still pretty much on track.

That'll do for now, gotta get some more done, Oorroo! Geoff.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Landscaping in March

The end module has had a little work done to it and is coming along nicely. I've had a bag of sculptamold lying about for ages put aside for when I got up to the landscaping stuff. I dragged it out after just a little bit of searching. I put down a base of tissues and watered down white glue over some screwed up paper as a base. I do put plastic over the paper formers so that after its well dried I can take out the formers leaving a hollowed shell, nice and light and tidy.

Once the paper had dried out I mixed up some of the sculptamold. This stuff is brilliant! Easy to use and it dries out hard. Perfect for what I wanted. It had a fairly quick setting time, but does seem to take a bit to cure in the humidity up here.

I've started the backdrop painting, just the foreground to go, when i have a minute. So there you go, not sure that the photos show up too much, some colour will help next I think, Geoff.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March Construction prt 2, and TMTEX

Since my last post I've sent my application to DDMRC applying for SSC to be able to be a part of their 20th Toowoomba Model Train Expo. Those of you who've been reading along for a bit would know the high regard that I hold this exhibition in, for those that don't well here goes...

I do enjoy the commraderie (damn the lack of spell checker in a blog!) of the modellers at the TMTex, they have been the source of inspiration, excessive laughter, jokes, and of course, setting a standard of modelling, and shear entertainment value for the public that is rarely so vigorously demonstrated in an exhibition, in my humble opinion. Maybe it is the attraction of going 'away' for the weekend or having some uninterrupted time to 'soak up' what we need from our hobby, or just enjoying the company of like minded people.

Staying in the hall does save us a few bucks, yep and it's a bit chilly also. Then there's the snoring, the singing, the laughing, the cooked breakfast, the hot shower, the models, the layouts, the books, the kits, the second hand stalls, the old friends, the ones no longer with us, the morning teas, the lunch, the general public, the chats, the characters, the stories, the get it now I think.

So with all the above in mind there is the stress of the deadline!

Landscaping is coming along with the basic form of the lay of the land up and going. Tissues and white glue are the order of the day, and a bit of wet water to get it started. The end module does have a creek bed now. SSC now has an actual location. Some minor adjustments to the foam will follow as will some photos in the next couple of days.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snow in QLD? You betcha!

I have no photo for this post. I haven't been able to find much since I got out some foam for landscaping today. H even had a laugh when she came out to tell me that dinner was almost ready. How can one piece of foam equate to two inches of snow on the floor in Brisbane?

But Bloody Hell it's FUN!!!

Gotta go give it another sweep, then comb my blonde locks that are a little white now, along with the John Howard eyebrows!

You know i do need to buy one of those hot wire cutters.

Anyway have a good week, Oorroo, Geoff.

Monday, March 7, 2011

March construction progress, part 1

March sees the cooler months begin, and hopefully they'll be a little drier also. A drop in degrees sees a lift in modelling levels at SSC. I've been invited to bring a small table into the lounge, for those smaller modelling efforts. On the workbench is a data sheet for an A1 Station building, and a G1b Goods shed.

Both of these buildings are certainly at the more 'basic' end of the designs of the NSWGR. They are also small in footprint that should suit SSC's small stature. I've started with the goods shed. I plan to have the door open with a little timber framing visible through the door. Ages ago I did try this, and although fiddly it seemed to come up ok. (should be a photo of this above) There is a second one with some corrigated card I had a go at weathering to see if it could work, way too coarse, so into the abyss it goes! The frame is from a larger goods shed, and the spacing of the studs is fairly accurate, but the 'noggins' (is that the correct term?) are not correctly located. The other model in the photo, can you see it? Yep I know! Impressive isn't it!! Who could miss that fine example of a cement water tank in the making! Love those film cannisters! ;-)

Enough of that, gotta get to the lounge room!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trains, tackle & Toowoomba

During a moment of in depth discussions, as is common at Toowoomba, Darren and I noted the tackle boxes being used by several modellers in the Shed at last years TMTEX. The idea of using something to easily carry all the assorted goods, whether for a show, a modelling session, or even just to keep things tidy in the workshop seemed like a great idea.

Here Iam almost twelve months later and the above box now appears above the workbench. One of the great parts about these is that you can purchase the trays separately, in two different configurations. Thus enabling you to swap projects or parts very easily. The top is large enough to hold a great selection of tools, or your current magazine read.

Thought that a few of you might like the idea as well. Geoff.