Sunday, January 15, 2017

More trees for Splitters

For a while now I've had a few trees half finished above the workbench. In the spirit of the New Year I thought it worth finishing them up. I also had a modelling night to attend a week ago, and the trees are something I can work on without much fuss whilst talking to the rest of the people that attended.

The trunk and branches are finished in the same way as previous trees, so I won't go over it again. I spent a bit of time painting the trunk and branches with a few darker brown colours, and then highlighted some deeper bark markings with a diluted black wash. It didn't take too long to do. I am finding that I tend to take too long procrastinating about a finish. This time I attempted to not go overboard on the finer details that no one can see anyway. I'm quite happy with the result, let me know what you think.
 Here I've finished the painting and I've applied a layer of flock to the branches with some matt fixative spray. The fibre I use for foliage is sprayed and the flock applied to it. Then I sprayed the tree and applied the foliage to it. A fair bit of trimming with scissors occurred then a final spray to seal it all together.
The finished tree is here. I have been looking at the photographs of willows that I've taken, and I'm not all together happy with the final colour. I've purchased some green acrylic to air brush on. I'll post some photos when I've completed the spray.
You can see the difference in colour when you compare the model to the actual tree colour, below.

As always I welcome your thoughts,
have a great week,

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Coal stage revisited

The start of the New Year had me addressing a few things on the modelling front. I spent a little time working out what conventions/shows etc I was going to attend this year (in a post on 'the Eugowra Branch', my other blog) and realised that I'd not posted an update on Splitters for a while.

Previously I'd shown you the top of the coal stage. Next was to build the mount for it. I want to be able to complete this project at the workbench so a base will be necessary also. The data sheet makes this job very easy. I used some dowel, and basswood and set about staining it before building, hopefully to make the job a little easier.

The stand is fairly straightforward, a simple jig to build each of the uprights
 Once all the uprights were built I installed them as you can see here.
 Then once it was all dry I drilled the posts and added the bolt detail. There are a lot more bolts present in the actual stage, but for the sake of my sanity, and what you can see I've only added them where they are plainly seen. 
 Out with the sculptamold to cover up about a third of my work. I wanted it to seem like it was part of scene not sitting on top of it. It also gives you a better idea of how it will fit into the scene. Anyone who has read some of my previous posts will see that the 'scene' of buildings for behind the stage are not there. I did enjoy working on them, but it just seemed too busy for a small layout like mine. I have a few other ideas for this area instead, stay tuned!
 The early coal stage was designed around the common D wagon, rather than an S. It has a smaller opening and needs to be set at a height compatible with this wagon. A trial fit in this location is seen here. The stark colour of the sculptamold will be covered up soon.
 A base colour is on the, well, base, now. I will build up the base  a bit with scatter and weeds, so that I don't need to get in there after it is placed.
That'll do for today. 
Have a great week!