Monday, September 8, 2014

Carriage shed progress

 I've been working away on this project for a while now. I can say that is starting to take shape finally. The timber really is enjoyable to work with. If you haven't read before it is bass wood that I've purchased from Gwydir Valley models, cut up in scale sizes ready to use, great stuff. In my last post I'd built up the uprights on a jig. There is another jig I made up that held the uprights on their sides so that I could add the top plate that links the side together, then the diagonal bracing to each side. Once all that had dried it was to the roof with the battens being fixed in place. I should mention that a couple of mates came over for a modelling night a few weeks back, and I actually managed to get most of the battens glued down, between drinks! Quite the challenge.
The corro' iron was next, but I did need to trim it up to the right sized sheet. All of them for this project were a scale 6ft long. The paint on the sheet is the grey primer made by Tamiya. I like this one as it is very fine and can be put on very lightly allowing some of the shine to show through. 

Here it is with some of the sheeting attached. I use the white glue made by simply glues called rapi-bond, it is fast drying and holds really well. I think the differing shades of grey are worth making up a couple of batches of iron with slightly different amounts of paint on them.
Whilst the glue dried I used the time to put on the first layer of weathering. A very thinned down rust coloured wash has been used, acrylic. Acrylic? I hear you say? Love'em, thin down easily with isocol, and you can even take some off if you've been too heavy handed if you are careful. There is a bit more done on this but I will save that for the finished product post. Not long now I hope.

That's it for now,
have a great week,