Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Evans Gap Station

The small stature of this line meant that the station building should reflect the same. In an earlier post I was going to in stall awning posts to make the construction easier. The posts were never cemented in, it was just too busy. Evans Gap station now has a simplified awning, much better.

I used 'cambells' HO corrigated iron for the first time on this model, and I just love it. It's really fine both in corrigations and thin in material thickness as well. The model seen in these photos has had some slight weathering on the walls to tone down the colour and 'fade' it a bit. I tend to favour the games workshop paints for this as they dry brush without going clumpy or powdery, an issue I've had a few times with the tamiya acrylics.
The roof itself has not been weathered yet, still plan to using some paints, washes and chalks I think.

The awning and roof I built separately to aid in painting and also so that it would be easier to build. If there are too many parts attached you can be sure that I'll break something off before it's finished.

The spot on the layout where the station is going has had some work done as well, gravel platform, and a few weeds. The water tank has not been 'delivered' to the locals yet, so they wait patiently for its arrival. As for station naming boards, well I just don't think I've got enough time to get them up before the RMCQ Show this weekend. If you happen to get there, come on over and have a chat, Oorroo!


  1. Looking great Geoff, very impressive for just your second scratchbuilt structure!


  2. Ya make me sick Geoff ;-) I zoomed in and it still looked flawless !

  3. Zoom is the modellers enemy Gary! use it at your peril.

  4. Top work there Geoff - can you help me get started in making buildings with styrene as I have no clue where to begin.


  5. Shelton, it's easier than you think, just takes a bit of thought as to just what you want your building to be. I'll see you next Tuesday and bring a couple of bits along.