Monday, December 29, 2014

Tree modelling again!

Ok I can't promise this will be the last post on trees, but I had a little time in the train room  (garage) today and managed to finish this tree. There is a little bit of trimming to go, but basically I'm there.
 This first one is just to show how I've covered the trunk so that it to doesn't get a layer of green over it.
 This next one is with the foliage attached. It is a product I've previously mentioned from a company in the UK called Treemendus. It is fixed to the branches with a matt adhesive or fixative spray.
 Here I've added the flocks. I really do prefer the fine ground turf that adheres to the fibres making it look like much finer branches. It is interesting to compare the colours in the foliage in the photo above and below. The difference is the colour of the light. My layout light in the second shot is a much more yellow light compared to the almost blue/white light in the first photo.
 There is still some trimming to be done, but you get the idea. Not bad for an hours work I thought.
That'll do for now, enjoy your week, Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tree modelling

It has been some time since I did some work on the landscaping of Splitters. So I thought some time spent on creating some trees would be worthwhile. I've taken to using florist wire for the core of the larger trees. I used whatever wire i had, and if you look closely in the first photo you'll see some uncoated wire as well in a different gauge. I have found that the coated wire works better when adding the acrylic paste over the top. The uncoated wire does tend to rust through the paste as it dries. Not really an issue I suppose as I paint right over the lot anyway. I used a solid base of pine that makes the tree easier to handle as you work on it.                                                                                        

The second photo has a little more paste than the first and is ready for the undercoat to be applied. I like the tamiya undercoat, and remember it doesn't have to be thick to be effective, just enough for the top layer of paint to adhere to.               

This next photo is after applying a base amount of brown paints then an airbrush over the top to tone it down as I really felt it was a little overdone. I added a few highlights, a little dry brushing on the trunk. Then that gets us to the last photo.

I do tend to get a little carried away, less is more is my mantra. The base will have some flocks added between the roots when it is added to the layout. Next up is the foliage, the messy but quick part. That will have to do for today.      
Have a great week,