Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Again!

Well it's been two weeks away with the family for the holidays, and what a great break it was. During my time away I managed to fit in a couple of Train Store visits. The most memorable was when I went to Casula hobbies. A Sydney drive from Hornsby to Liverpool for those of you who know which way to go should be a fairly straight forward thing. However me with a street directory and Sydney traffic does not really add up to a smooth running trip. After a breif stop over in Church Street Parramatta, three screeaming police sirens and a short trip on the Great Western something or other... I was there.

The store was brilliant, everywhere you turn there is something else to drool over. The range of Ozzy detailing parts was huge. The number of steam era type products was fantastic, really worth a look. I had a coffee and a chat to Joe, sharing some modelling tips and ideas. I spent up a bit by my standards, plenty of bits to help me finish a few ongoing projects.
so now I'm home with another weeks holiday, let's hope some of that time is for modelling, not just mowing the lawns, I'll keep you posted!