Thursday, April 25, 2013

A bit more lighting

Quite by accident the other day I came across a light for sale on EBay. The seller has listed the dimensions as 85cm high and 100cm out from the wall, with the shade having a diameter of 35cm.
Perfect data along with some great photos. So if like me you were building some these dimensions should help, or you could buy it!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Station and Yard Lights

The Station at Evans Gap had little lighting, so I thought it would be a bit of fun to add some to the layout. I've been looking through books for a decent shot. Finding one clear enough has been fun, as the locos have been in focus, or the station building, but not everything around them.
I found a couple that have a decent enough shot to build a 'close enough' model. I'll list the bits I've used and a bit of a rundown of how.

The bits I've used are easy to come by,
brass etch ladder style
.5mm internal diameter brass tube
.4mm fishing line
.1x.8x150mm brass ministrip
about 3mm dowel
tichy train group light fixtures
All pictured here I hope.

I hollowed out the light fixture and drilled out the hole for the brass tube to .7mm, the same as the outside of the brass tube.

 The two blocks were for ensuring all the lights I build are the same shape, hence the outline.  the blocks have razor saw cuts to hold the ladder style and the brass tube for soldering. I had to use a blob of blue tac as well, my favourite jig accessory.

The actual light is fiddly rather than complex, especially the twisted brass bar. There was a fair bit of trial and error before I was happy with the shape. The 'S' shaped brass tube was bent around my pin vise. I did feed the fishing line into the tube before bending it so that the tube would hold its shape. Why fishing line? Well can I tell you wire in the tube then bent, that wire ain't coming out! Fishing line pulls out, and I also threaded the line in again when I wanted to paint the light as it is definitely the easy way to hold something so fine.

I used the ladder etch as it was much easier to drill out to the diameter of the inside of the brass tube, than using plain brass bar. The holes in the middle of the light I plan to use as mounting holes with fine wire soldered into them. 

I soldered the light together, but weakened and used some glue! For the light shade only Ian!
After all as the Grand Master says...Glue is for Girls!

So there you go. A nights work for the first one, a little faster for the rest. Did I forget something? Ask away!

Have a good week!