Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Locomotive Shed surrounds

Hi All,
I thought it worth showing you all what I've been up to. The next step in the completion of the loco shed was to weather the building then continue the scenery or greenery around it.

I enjoy weathering, however it seems that each time I have a crack at it, my technique changes. This is a good thing if you are after variation. This time though I made a few notes in my trusty notebook for future reference. I used three products for the rusting of the corrugated iron, two rust coloured washes and isocol. I began by putting on the lighter wash first, even dry brushing of this seems to work, as it doesn't take too much to be a little heavy handed. A second coat of the same wash I applied to give the rust some depth in a few areas. Next was the dark rust wash, not a lot of this was applied, but it is worth it.

After all this I had a break from it, did a few other things, then came back to it. It is surprising how your perspective changes after a break. The weathering was 'calmed down' with an earbud dipped in isocol. The high points of the corrugations are less likely to rust, so removing the rust from some of the high points really does make a difference.

The greenery is fairly run of the mill stuff, although I think that I need to reduce the colours that I've been using. A few extras have made there way into the mix. I need to reduce the number of colours, otherwise in my opinion, it looks too busy, and a little overdone. I'll have another look at it in a few days, and may need a touch up, as in I'll take some off or overlay with another colour.

On the workbench there are assorted spindly tree thingies that will soon find there way into the undergrowth, along with some sturdier ones as well. More on that next week. Yep! Next week, it has been ages since some modelling time presented itself, and I really haven't had much modelling mojo to get me back into it this new year. So yessiree weekly updates are the go! Here's hoping!

Have a great week!


  1. From my perspective the grass etc around the shed looks fine as when one considers that a small depot/shed area was at best cleared only around it far enough to allow a couple of men to walk around the sides.

    The rust effects look good, however if its for a steam era model it would have had a lot of black from coal/ash, dust & smoke from engines alight, also when light ups took place added more to that as well. Other aspect is that the window frames would also have a fair degree of black soot on them as well.

  2. Thanks Colin for that level of detail. I plan to get the airbrush and weathering powders out when the scenery around the shed are done. Ive a few photos to reference to as well which should make it a little easier