Sunday, April 4, 2010

This week out in the dog house..sorry, modelling room.

This week has been rather hectic, working in retail as I do, things are crazy pre Easter. Lucky for me I actually have two days off this week end, a bit of time might be available tomorrow night after a day at Mt Tambourine.
The K and LV are still on the workbench. The K wagon is having the addition of brake gear and associated cabling put on. I plan to add the tarp bar that these wagons had also, and did manage to find a couple of photos I took down at Cowra that should help with this. The plan is to use some rings from grandt line that I bought a 'few' years ago, to tie down the tarp.

The LV is being a bit painful, well, maybe it's me. I didn't check the distance apart that the side sills were before gluing them in. Must be my 'Eternal Beginner' not thinking before gluing, you know how you all do that first, it doesn't come naturally for me yet. Helen would call it common sense, I believe it's something that can be learned, or improved on if you so choose. Now I could leave it as it is, but I think I'd be better off butchering it and taking a few more weeks to complete a simple job. Been there?

Now that will have to do for now, photos of progress (butchering?) will be in next weeks blog. Have good week, Geoff.


  1. Don't know if you have seen this site Geoff, but well worth a look.

    Cheers Andrew

  2. I agree with Andrew, Model Trains weathered is a much friendlier site than "Mellow Mike" who seems a bit up himself.

  3. Yep, 'up himself' is a great description Ian! I'll check out the site, Geoff.