Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trains, tackle & Toowoomba

During a moment of in depth discussions, as is common at Toowoomba, Darren and I noted the tackle boxes being used by several modellers in the Shed at last years TMTEX. The idea of using something to easily carry all the assorted goods, whether for a show, a modelling session, or even just to keep things tidy in the workshop seemed like a great idea.

Here Iam almost twelve months later and the above box now appears above the workbench. One of the great parts about these is that you can purchase the trays separately, in two different configurations. Thus enabling you to swap projects or parts very easily. The top is large enough to hold a great selection of tools, or your current magazine read.

Thought that a few of you might like the idea as well. Geoff.


  1. Geoff,
    Yes the use of a tackle box is one that i've been using for since my teens; oh so long ago! I have now "upgraded" to the situation where I am using a Plano 3 shelf tackle box, with a large well, for my tools and other "essentials" to which I strap another single draw and well box for the current projects. I have found that this works well for me (even though it now weighs in at about 3kg's, I almost have enough tools to work on any job that I care to do away from home, Recently I have added to the luggage through the acquisition of a supermarket type hand basket which holds the Soldering Iron, bench protector, Kit instruction books and Detail Photo's, plastic strip, and addititional kits.
    I think I need to stop taking so much stuff to modelling nights/ events :)

  2. This hobby of ours seems to become almost bigger than us sometimes, hey Iain!