Sunday, March 27, 2011

A pleasant afternoon at Nimmitabel

On Saturday I took Mike along to Darren's for a look at the start of his layout. Start? Really this is such an understatement for what Daz has already achieved. When we arrived Craig, Shelton, and Brendan had already turned up, and soon after Peter arrived also.

The layout room is well organised and tidy, something I can't quite get a handle on yet. I really enjoyed shunting on the layout, the track height is spot on! Shelton (left) and Mike can be seen here enjoying the shunting at Wattle Flat.
The track design is really pleasing to operate on, with plenty of opportunities for shunting of wagons, and making up trains to leave the yard. Darren has taken his time in the planning and laying of track, and it shows. The running quality of the layout meant no derails, or hickups of any type really. You can see in this shot the yard of Wattle flat on the left, and of course the 'fellas'.
Darren had sound fitted to the loco's we were shunting with, and it added so much to the 'fun' of the day. The loco's ran very well, no hesitation over points at all. I did favour the 32, can't help it sorry, have I told you I think I was born in the wrong century?

This next shot sees Darren showing Shelton the planned siding building for in the corner of the yard, the fruit siding at Canowindra is the actual building. A great idea for a bit of operational variety. You all should note the new hand controller that Daz is holding, quite exceptional!
I took a number of shots, but really it's a case of needing to see with your own eyes to appreciate what Darren has achieved already. He certainly is the quiet achiever of our group, and more than willing to share his ideas and techniques for those wanting a bit more info.

The beer was cold the snags hot and the company outstanding! A great afternoon, that must be repeated some time soon! Thanks Daz.

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  1. Thanks mate for your very kind words. This is one of the pleasures of the hobby to me, and that is the sharing and interacting. Yes we will have to do it again. Darren