Saturday, March 19, 2011

March Construction prt 2, and TMTEX

Since my last post I've sent my application to DDMRC applying for SSC to be able to be a part of their 20th Toowoomba Model Train Expo. Those of you who've been reading along for a bit would know the high regard that I hold this exhibition in, for those that don't well here goes...

I do enjoy the commraderie (damn the lack of spell checker in a blog!) of the modellers at the TMTex, they have been the source of inspiration, excessive laughter, jokes, and of course, setting a standard of modelling, and shear entertainment value for the public that is rarely so vigorously demonstrated in an exhibition, in my humble opinion. Maybe it is the attraction of going 'away' for the weekend or having some uninterrupted time to 'soak up' what we need from our hobby, or just enjoying the company of like minded people.

Staying in the hall does save us a few bucks, yep and it's a bit chilly also. Then there's the snoring, the singing, the laughing, the cooked breakfast, the hot shower, the models, the layouts, the books, the kits, the second hand stalls, the old friends, the ones no longer with us, the morning teas, the lunch, the general public, the chats, the characters, the stories, the get it now I think.

So with all the above in mind there is the stress of the deadline!

Landscaping is coming along with the basic form of the lay of the land up and going. Tissues and white glue are the order of the day, and a bit of wet water to get it started. The end module does have a creek bed now. SSC now has an actual location. Some minor adjustments to the foam will follow as will some photos in the next couple of days.


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