Friday, March 25, 2011

Landscaping in March-2

Is it me or is this the most enjoyable part of our hobby? I mean the lack of drawings to follow, no scale sizes to match, just a photo or idea to put into practice. I'm enjoying a break from the measured modelling and this random tree making, grass planting, backscene painting stuff is pretty good. Throwing around a bit of paint is really therapeutic I think (shame it doesn't help my spelling).

Time is marching on and I did receive an e-mail confirming SSC's appearance at TMTEX this year. I had planned right at the beginning stages for SSC to be a small layout so that there would be less work for a greater impact, as far as the scenery goes. There was also the idea that a smaller layout would have a shorter break between train 'sightings'. For now it means that a few hours/days work show a very real change to the layouts appearance. So far things seem to be working out, I'll have more to say on this as time goes on for sure!

I've posted one of the original plans for SSC and as you can see there have been a couple of changes. The plan still stands as the longer term goal for the layout. For now I've had to change one major item, that being the trestle bridge. Down the track, not sure when, a trestle bridge will appear, but not this year! A couple of other things, but still pretty much on track.

That'll do for now, gotta get some more done, Oorroo! Geoff.

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