Monday, March 7, 2011

March construction progress, part 1

March sees the cooler months begin, and hopefully they'll be a little drier also. A drop in degrees sees a lift in modelling levels at SSC. I've been invited to bring a small table into the lounge, for those smaller modelling efforts. On the workbench is a data sheet for an A1 Station building, and a G1b Goods shed.

Both of these buildings are certainly at the more 'basic' end of the designs of the NSWGR. They are also small in footprint that should suit SSC's small stature. I've started with the goods shed. I plan to have the door open with a little timber framing visible through the door. Ages ago I did try this, and although fiddly it seemed to come up ok. (should be a photo of this above) There is a second one with some corrigated card I had a go at weathering to see if it could work, way too coarse, so into the abyss it goes! The frame is from a larger goods shed, and the spacing of the studs is fairly accurate, but the 'noggins' (is that the correct term?) are not correctly located. The other model in the photo, can you see it? Yep I know! Impressive isn't it!! Who could miss that fine example of a cement water tank in the making! Love those film cannisters! ;-)

Enough of that, gotta get to the lounge room!


  1. Looking good Geoff! You may find these photos I took of the exterior and interior of Batlow's extended G1b goods shed in 1986 to be of use:
    Looking forward to seeing the completed model.

  2. James, thanks for the link, I just had a peek and yep they will help, thank you. The timber colour is interesting, a very strong brown colour in the parts that aren't exposed to the sun.