Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Home Layout Trackwork Plan

Tom asked for a plan of my home layout, and I thought I knew exactly where it was... well almost! After a great deal of frustration and a little bit of cursing my poor memory (that's why you'll always see me with a pen/notebook in hand!) I found it. Now it's a little hard to see so one thing to note is that between the two yards there is a single line linking them. Also as with all things the reality of the layout has meant that the silo complex on the island has been relocated slightly. I plan to build a grain shed first, along with the other buildings associated with that yard before moving on to the other yard against the wall. The Silos will be located in the area where the base board has been cut into leaving an oddly shaped oval to show just where I mean. As you can see from the photos the yard has been extended round the curve with the last point actually at the end of the curve on the rhs of the layout. Also the whole layout is located against the wall now, however this is only temporary whilst I work on my show layout. I really needed the floor space, so for those of you who thought the backscene didn't quite work with the station platform in front of it, you are completely correct. The painted backscene actually goes where the yard finishes, exactly where the blank board is in the other photo.
The pointwork I'm still working on, the next two points are completed, just need some time to lay them.
Here's the scan and a couple of photos to show you what I mean, Geoff.

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