Monday, January 12, 2009

the Beginner Begins

The entry into the modelling comp really was a good way to start again with modelling. It forced me to work within a time limit, and especially to complete my subject. As I'd only been a member of the LDMRC for a short while, I only had a few techniques to work with.

The building is a NSW station building, constructed mostly from balsa wood. Balsa was easy to use and to find, at just about any store (even bunnings) . It also glues well and cuts up easily. The plans I got from an edition of 'Australian Journal of Railway Modelling' a fantastic read, and full of info for modelling.

I tried to create a scene with all of the bits I thought would be present at a disused station. Unkept building with poor plumbing, and a pile of rubbsh left where it was dropped. The station front is balsa too with lots of paint to bring out the 'grain' of the wood that I'd created with a screw dragged across the front of wood.

The trackwork is shop bought, something I shy away from these days, but more on that a bit later.

All the grass is mostly hemp twine that I've unravelled and glued in clumps with white glue. It takes quite a bit to have an effect, but is worth it once you've 'planted' into the model. The name 'Wontreah hill' is one I came up with myself, as I'd only had time to construct one tree.

The water tank is a piece of tube would with styrene strip to complete, the first rinse tank is a kilometrico pen with a few bits of styrene attached. All in all a great bit of fun was had constructing the model.

This year there will be another entry, probably in scratchbuilt rollingstock, oh boy now I've done it! Set my own deadline! Geoff.

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