Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Scratchbuilt 1895 BSV

As time moves on the time period that I model seems to keep moving backwards. I've always liked the 'idea' of modelling steam era, but for me the cost was too restrictive. My modelling dollar has meant that my purchases have been few, with scratchbuilding providing an opportunity to have something a bit different. I do enjoy the challenge that modelling something that's not seen too often offers. Helen thinks it's 'a male ego thing' ,she may be right (she normally is). I like to think that it's the challenge of the research and effort that goes into the subject that I find quite enjoyable.

The 1895 BSV is a wagon immediately different to what is seen circling round other layouts, and it allows me to run right up to the 50's when the last of these wagons disappeared from the rails. I tracked down some line drawings and began the de-construction mentally. So far I've worked out how to build the wagon sides, using at least two kilometres of brass wire. as you can see the sides are styrene, and the wire is a mix of brass and piano. The bogies are a steam era product, and they are a great match of the diamond frames that were actually used.
As soon as I get this one finished I'll post a couple of photos. If any of you have some comments I would welcome them. Oh one other thing I came up with a way to make these out of brass etches, so any ideas of how, and who to contact would be great! My progress is always slow, so here's a couple of photos of where I'm up to, Geoff.


  1. Wow! That looks really great Geoff.

    Are you aware of the "Early Days" workshops run in NSW dealing with the early days of the NSWGR? There was notice of an upcoming one in the latest AMRM

  2. Ian, I received the advice by mail, as last year I had planned to go, but at the last minute had to drop out. I was thinking of going this year depending on airfair cost and the time of the flights.

    Have you been before to the Early Day Convention Ian?

  3. you could always contact Model Etch ( or Steam & Things ( for brass etch work, Model Etch have excellent work I have a couple of his SAR Sheep wagons to build, the Steam & Things gear looks good too from what I have seen