Tuesday, January 13, 2009

NSWGR Handlaid Trackwork- pt 1, Research

Over a period of time since taking up modelling again, I have become more involved with the trackwork used in NSW ,being a part of the overall modelling scene I'm trying to create.

I have had alot of value in being a member of the 'NSW Railway Historical Society' both through their magazine, and for research purposes. I enjoy the research involved in this hobby (if you choose to be specific to an era, place, etc...) as I feel it makes us better modellers. The how, and why something was done is more often than not the difference between a great result and an average one. There has been articles on NSW trackwork in the 'Railway History' magazine, that has extended what I'd already known.

Another fantastic (excited now!) research resource where all the hard work has been done for you is the Trackwork Manual available through Data Sheets, by Greg Edwards. This book has really been a great help in my planning and construction of pointwork.

The next thing to have is, photos, photos, photos. If you can't get to where you model then use some of the various photo spots on the net. Can I say here and now, that a visit or hands on approach would make all the difference! Digital cameras are great for taking as many detail shots as you like, then edit them when you get home.

So, know what you want to achieve is first, and stick to it, remember the result you get is what you live with after finishing something, and taking shortcuts during construction, to save time or get it done quickly, will only disappoint you later. Remember the saying 'Slow and Steady Wins the Race' and that certainly applies to modelling railways.
All these photos are taken at Murwullumbah in northern NSW

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