Monday, April 9, 2012

SSC layout track plan... so far

The Blog lists I follow are all about the passing on of information. A new part of that for the Blog writers is the ability to look at the 'stats' of the blog you write. So to satisfy the blog readers out there who've been searching for my home layout plan, here they are.
 The first drawing of the layout was all about trying to get some of the basic ideas of the layout on paper. I wanted to create a layout that didn't have me working for years and not seeing much progress. The way to solve that was to have as small a layout as possible whilst still meeting the other requirements of the plan. In no particular order:

  • I wanted something easy to transport that included the loading/unloading and setup of the layout, to be comfortable for two people.
  • Layout needed to have some interest on each side for operators and the viewing public.
  • The rail system to be 'in' the environment not 'on' it
  • The viewing to be on at least two sides, but ultimately three sides.
  • The track plan to be simple and still enable the operators to have some fun.
  • The layout to be single track Branch line of the 'pioneer' style (that being simple basic structures and equipment).
  • The track work to be hand laid and follow NSWGR concepts.
  • The operation of points to be mechanical to stop any possible 'wiring' issues ( K.I.S.S.)
  • The area of the layouts environment to be wet, not dry, heavily vegetated, not sparsely.
  • The layout to be DCC
  • The layout to eventually be steam era, and early years also. As the kits and scratch built projects are completed.

The first plan was the initial concept plan, without any restraints like radius size, siding length, turnout size or actual angle of track divergence. The second one has had some extra thought put in. Rather than just the ramblings of someone whilst drinking T'ba coffee. There is also some extra thought as to names and history of the second plan. There is also some thought as to it's reason for being there, the town names, how they began, founding people, you get the idea.
The next two are really to enable me to explain to H just what I was trying to do. I wanted to illustrate how the modules would look, how the landscape would change. I also wanted to record the ideas that I'd had because they change over time and it is great to look back and see just where it started. 

I do struggle with sketching, but at least you get the idea. You can see the name also, spotted out on the road heading to the New England Model Railway Club's Ebor Convention years ago now, was it 2006? I'm sure someone will let me know! There is talk of another on e this year in Armidale, would be great if that one goes ahead, wouldn't miss it!
From all the drawings one thing is clear, that the initial idea has stayed pretty well the same all the way along. There has been some changing of some of the sidings use and the landscape has had to change the way the track worked it's way through the scene.
Thats probably enough for this post and should keep the blog searchers happy.
have a good week,

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