Thursday, April 26, 2012

Moree 2012

The Moree Show was on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of April. We headed down on Friday morning and arrived in the afternoon. On the way we did stop at Boggabilla and took a few happy snaps. Setup went fine we had a good spot in the hall and were able to setup with the rear of the layout  (the short blank end) against  the wall. That gave us room beside to setup our table for some modelling if time allowed. 
The other layouts were well into setup or finished when we had. A-Tracktive effort, Kyogle, Swan Vale, Jembaicumbene, and a Thomas U-drive for the kids. A good range of layouts for this first show at Moree. I did wonder how much of a crowd would be present come opening time. At about morning tea time things did pickup, in fact I thought the number of people through the hall over the weekend was pretty solid, certainly more than I expected, especially on the Sunday.  
The weekend went pretty well. I do need to get some more track down before the next show, and I'd like a couple more of the planned buildings in place. During the weekend we had a bit of discussion about 'where to' from here, and just what adjustments to planning need to be made before T'ba. It was good to bounce ideas about whilst running the trains about, kept us busy that's for sure!

The New England Club certainly made us feel welcome over the weekend, with breakfast and lunch provided, and bottomless coffee and tea as well. So thanks to all of those involved for making it an enjoyable and friendly weekend.

I will put a plug in here to for the New England Convention on again this year on the 17th-18th of November in Armidale. They've organised a great list of topics and demos for the weekend, I wouldn't miss it.

  It's taken a few days to unpack and get things away since arriving home from Moree. Darren, Brendan and I stayed till Monday morning rather than heading back after the packup on Sunday night. Then a couple more days to upload the photos, and some clips. I do need to improve the camera work, believe me these are the best of the clips I took, gives you a bit of an idea anyway. Click on this link to have a look, 


At the few country shows I've been to there is definitely some great people out there who love to share their personal experiences with the railways with you. I met a couple who grew up not far from the line at Premer, and they shared some stories of visiting the Station Masters home, and having to take off their shoes before entering. As a child this guy could not understand why he had to take his shoes off, as the only room in the house that didn't have dirt floors was the kitchen. Things you learn!
So thanks to Darren and Brendan for their company, patience and friendship. What a hoot of a weekend! Can't wait till Toowoomba in June. To Warren, Don and everyone else responsible for the Morree Show, thanks we had a great time, and look forward to the next one! 
Oorroo! Geoff.


  1. Hi Geoff,
    Pleased you had a good weekend in Moree.
    Did you manage to get any info for me while you were there ??
    Looking forward to Brisbane next weekend. Going to the Show on the Sunday.
    No answer to my email from Peter Boorman as yet.

    1. Jim, I did read a copy of the new byways of steam and there is some great info in it about Moree. Worth a look at I think. I left my run for a copy too late and they'd already sold out!

  2. Hi Geoff,
    Don't be so self-critical of your photographic skills that's what your mates are here for!!
    Seriously, the photos are great and give a true representation of the level of detail you are appling to "Splitters".
    Glad you enjoyed Moree, keep up the good work and hope to catch up in Brisbane next weekend.
    Regards Bill W

    1. Thanks Bill, I'll be there on the Monday at this stage for sure. Be good to catch up! Geoff.