Friday, April 6, 2012


Things of a leafy nature are on the job list at the moment. I've sprayed some roots from one of my unsuccessful plantings in a couple of tones of grey and a bit of brown. A while back I purchased some gear from 'Treemendus' in the UK ( on my suppliers list) just to give them a go. I particularly like a product that they supply that is actually used in wig making. They suggest it as useful for fine branches, bushes and the like. So I gave it a go.

 Please excuse the poor photography, I was in a bit of a rush, you know squeezing  the modelling between other events of the day. The photo below shows my new hair... well maybe a lighter shade would be better. All I did was spray the roots with a matt adhesive spray then I cut off a piece of wig about 25mm long and teased it out. I put it on the roots, then gave it another spray then on with some ground foams.
 I don't mind how they came up, as some scrubby overgrown stuff they seem ok. I do need to trim them up and tease them out a little. I'll leave them to dry tonight and then give them a touch up tomorrow. I like the wig, might have to try some on some trees next!
Happy Easter, Oorroo!


  1. Geoff

    They look very good!

    Of course they probably need the sign off by Bob Stack, THE expert.... ;-)

    Ray P

    1. You're completely right Ray! What was I thinking!!!

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