Sunday, April 15, 2012

Five days to Moree!

This photo of the Moree yard from  I.A.Dunn's collection (with all due thanks for this photo being available) I found whilst surfing the net awhile back. I'd spotted this photo in print in Ron Preston's book 'Day of the Goods Train', since then it has been one of my favourites. It is taken around 1900 a period long lost to all of us who are alive now. The scene is alive with everyday events of the time, something you have to try to imagine if you model that period. It is the perfect photo for the start of this post. The Moree yard is probably (;-)) just a little different now. It might be worth trying to see just where it was taken from.

The time has come, the Show is almost here, the last minute list of jobs are being completed. If you know me you'll know that I'll be trying to do just a bit more before we arrive,and then at the same time kick myself that I didn't organise myself better when I first found out about that we would be going.

Darren and Brendan are great company, and these shows are a great excuse for us to get together. I enjoy attending Shows especially the chats with the general public. The knowledge that is out there for us to learn from is fantastic, and a bit of fun also.
Now I've gotta head back out, do a bit more. The New England Club runs a great show, so if you're down that way next weekend, please drop in I'm sure It'll be a hoot!
Oorroo, Geoff. 


  1. G'day Geoff,

    From my distant memories when I lived at Moree in the early 90's, I seem to remember the weighbridge hut being there, as well as the goods shed, but looking at Google Maps now, the only building left is the station.

    Be sure to pick the brains of Mr Don Waghorn whilst at the show, as he will probably remember too.



    1. Hi Ian, are you inferring that Don was around in 1900? ;-)
      I will have a chat with him, and he's the organiser of the event also. I think I must have been born in the wrong century, all that manual stuff, hard work, but it held the communities together better than what we have today.

  2. From the shots of the layout Geoff the Creek looks fantastic. Hope Moree goes well. Hope to see Splitters in the 'flesh' one day.

    1. Thanks Gary, still have to put the signals and point rodding in, thanks to your help all that time ago. Things move forward so quickly you loose track of how long you've been working on something.
      You never know where Show invites can take you!