Friday, April 8, 2011

First rain at Splitters Swamp Creek

Today saw the first rain fall on SSC with the creek experiencing the first flows of this season. The levels that I built into the creek bed seem to be ok for this first pour. It won't be all that deep, but another flow of water will go in when the first lot has cured.
The last of the sleepers were laid today, all the copper clad ones as well. All ready for the rail to go down. I will breathe a sigh of relief when all the track is down and 100% operational.
The landscape foam has had it's last bit of contouring today also, all ready for the sculpta-mold to go over it. All in all a pleasant day, had the paintbrushes out for a while also and completed the back scene on this side, after resetting the height of the foam background.
I Don't know that you'll notice a difference in this last shot, except that the timber is down, and ready for some rail!

Time for Tea, then off to a Buy & Sell with the rest of the Boys, bargains to be found I'm sure!
Oorroo! Geoff.


  1. Looking awesome Geoff! Can't wait to see it next time we're around at your place.

    Looking at the first picture reminded me that not all colour underwater is black and brown. Don't be affraid to add some yellow or green to represent the built up moss and slim. Could also add some up the side of the rock faces just above the waterline too.

  2. Brendan, great idea I hadn't thought to do that.I had put some darker colours on the rocks for where I thought the water level should be. so when the first layer has dried out I'll add some slime!

  3. That water looks fantastic and so real Geoff!! I also really impressed with those rocks!!


  4. I think it looks superb already! Can really see it taking shape.

  5. thanks Andrew, there's so much more to go!