Monday, April 18, 2011

Boorolong loading Banks part2

This first photo shows the timber loading bank. It has a lower section in the centre for the loading of horses. This shot does not have the extra detail as I mentioned in the previous post., I'm still a bit undecided on this one. I've put it in front of the spot where the passenger loading bank will stand. The area that the goods siding is located is in the corner and can be viewed from two sides. It does however have the other side of the garage in the shot, a little distracting (as seen in the next photo).So for the purposes of the photo it's here just this once.
This one shows the loading bank in position, without the cement section, it's still on the modelling table, and to be honest I think that this one might be enough. The cement one might end up opposite this beside the goods shed.
And just to show you what is intended for this spot, the passenger loading facilities, before the station building. That'll do for now, two posts in one day! I need a rest...or maybe a beer!
Ooroo! Geoff.

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  1. Nice one Geoff, the loading banks are looking good. I like you backdrops too.