Saturday, April 30, 2011

SSC has a bit of green!

The sight of some green foliage greeted the townsfolk of Evans' Gap as they ventured out today. The barren earth finally has some undergrowth on it. I've tentatively thrown around some green stuff, hope it sticks!
The area that SSC is set in is quite green and lush, and as much as this appeals there is a little voice niggling at me to make it a little dryer. So for now the brushes are green, however over at the main yard the country opens up a bit so is more inclined to dry out. That should be an interesting change, hope it works out OK.
As I said at the start this is the undergrowth, and there will eventually be a large number of trees over this part of the layout. I tried to match the colours of foliage to background paint, in the hope that they'd create some depth, the jury is still out on this, bit early to tell I think. This at least gives a better impression than the white.

Well off I must go, out with Craig at the Brisbane show on Monday, should be a hoot!

Oorroo! Geoff.

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