Monday, January 24, 2011

The navvies are back at work!

This week has been a busy one. What with work and all that is happening there to the quickly approaching end to the school holidays for J and Z, it's a wonder I've had any time out the front.

A little bit of time most evenings is enabling me to get some small jobs done during the week, and set me up for more productive time spent on the weekend. The sleepers for the second yard of SSC are glued down. The stressing of the timber seems to take a lot longer than the actual staining process. The timber work of the first of four turnouts is down, three to go.

During the week I also painted the facia the final black colour. I couldn't wait till I'd glued on the black carpet that I'll eventually be doing. The matt black really does make a difference to how the layout is viewed, I spose it's like the framing of a picture in that it keeps your attention on the actual layout.

There was a little bit of white glue and tissues stuck on the layout up one end. A bit of a starting point for all the scenery that is to come. Once it has hardened some more of the 'shell' of the scenery can be applied. Anyway enough chat! Time for a photo and I'm done, have a great week! Geoff.

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