Monday, January 17, 2011

Backdrop painting progress

Tonight I had a bit of time out in the shed to add to the paint that had dried on the back scene that I'd begun on the weekend. There's not much detail in the trees as I'll be covering a fair bit with some modelled trees directly in front of the back scene. The modules are not very deep so I need to keep the scenery simple, but hopefully still recognisable as aussie bush.

The layers of foam are a bit of a mock up of the height that I was thinking I'd want the background landforms to be. The cutting would be faced with some rock work, so the gap on either side of the track is wider than what it will end up.

It has been a welcomed break from the track work, but a loco can't run on the ground, so I will be back into it soon. Geoff.


  1. Geoff,

    If this is your first attempt at painting a backdrop bloody hats off to ya. I think its lookin brilliant.


  2. Thanks Andrew, wait till you see it up close, you might change your mind!