Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby Steps

Today was the first time in ages that I've actually done anything to do with railway modelling. What with the festive season, and the various shifts it gives me, along with some interstate visitors, the time spent on model railway pursuits has been very slim.

The dust covers over SSC were removed and a fair bit of the clutter that had accumulated around it was removed to 'file 13'. The New Year does have a little effect on me, especially anything that hasn't been used since the previous years celebrations, (mainly the cast-off pile) is disposed of.

The rain has kept the air fairly moist in our state so I was on the look out for any mould that may have taken up residence. For the most part it was pretty good, just one part of an exposed module seemed to have been effected. I gave it all a bit of a dust and a vacuum to get it back up to scratch.

I took apart the modules as I have to finish mounting the lighting on the last module. I then realised why I'd not finished it before, I'd run out of three core. The backdrop for this module is in need of painting like the other three. As you may remember I purchased some blue paint awhile back to redo the back scenes in the same hue of blue. Now the backdrop is completely installed, lighting mounted and still to be wired up, but much closer.

I'm off to the Fish and Chip shop for a healthy dinner for all the Burns's, then after some painting of backdrops if time permits.

So the New Year for me modelling wise, is to complete one job or project, before starting another. With the number of already started projects it might be awhile before something new is begun. On another blog I follow the author Scott lists the projects he has and where he is up to. This is something I plan to do asap. a simple idea and it serves to keep you on track.

Happy New Year to all, Geoff.

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