Friday, November 27, 2009

The Little Things take all your time!

The first of the rails are now glued down, no turning back now! The first turnout as you enter the yard has been fixed down to the baseboard. This simple job has been hampered by some indepth procrastinating by yours truly. The turnouts are operated by a sliding piece of styrene that is mounted on the underside of the pc board sleepers. This method works well, no binding, but does create a void that won't let you ballast in this area.

The simple solution was to make a strip of contact that could be stuck to the underside of the turnout before the styrene spacer for the point blades is set in place. This enables a small hole just where the point blades goes through and around that the rest of the area can be ballasted. The pictures show the point in place with a couple of 'C' shaped cork bits to seal either side of the moving bits. The contact is a bit hard to see as the only stuff I had was clear, if you click on the photo it is more clear in the larger view.

A simple idea, that is easy to do, but did add a great deal of time to the job. The layout of the turnouts is easily seen in the last photo. It probably doesn't look much different to previous photos I've posted, but to me it represents quite a bit of time spent,

that's it for now, Geoff.


  1. Someone likes yoghurt at your place.
    Nice trackwork Geoff

  2. Can't the same be said about building rolling stock? An hour at the work bench results in 3 bit of brass wire, sorry - electrical conduit, being soldered in place ! You take a look and think "Is that it??"
    Really taking shape now Geoff. The hand laid track looks very nice.

  3. Bob, I really need to get some shares in Pauls as our two kids certainly maintain their profits!

    Gary the progress is slow but I must say the end result is worth the time. You live with your efforts along while after completing the modelling!

    Thanks for the encouragement guys.