Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Box of Bits Arrives from Rusty Rails USA

A while ago I was having a bit of a surf and came across this site, Rusty Rails. I immediately saved it to the favourites for further investigation when I had the chance. The site is well set out and it did appear to have quite a few detail bits I thought I could use. They deal in HO and O detail parts for the corner of a workshop, or outside a loco shed. If you're after a bit of a junk heap then this site is for you.
Then the unimaginable happened! The dollar rose...and it was time to test them out with a small order. The prices seemed OK but I didn't know anyone who'd purchased from them before. So with trepidation a $60 order was placed.
Less than two weeks later it arrived. When I got into the box to say that I was pleasantly surprised is indeed an understatement. Every one of the mouldings looked as they had in the photos on the site, minus paint and a little flash to remove.
The guys at our Tuesday Niters were even impressed, so they must be good!
Here's a couple of pix and remember there is a link from my blog in the suppliers list. I'm very impressed and thought a few of you may find them worth a look also,

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  1. I purchase O Scale window frame and stairs from them as well and I found them great also.