Monday, November 16, 2009

SSC-construction update 4

This past week has been a little slow in the modelling world. I have however managed to just about finish laying the timberwork on the first module. The process of staining and weathering the ties is one I enjoy. The trick is making the wood all seem a little bit different, whether the colour of the wood or the aging/weathering of it. I use sample pots of stain that I purchased from bunnings. I tend to favour the teak stain and mix it up with isocol so that it takes a couple of applications to get the colour right. I didn't mention that the one sample pot is all that I've reqired so far, so the $7 outlay for the pot is money well spent.

Also this week I had a an e-mail from Warren at GVM letting me know that the Micro Tsunami decoder i'd been quizzing him about at the Ipswich Show had arrived. I took the plunge and bought one, the price was a great deal, thanks Warren. I really hope the Aussie $$$ keeps going, it would be great to see it at $1.20 or so then EVERYTHING would have a sound decoder in it! Well at least the 32 would be purchased, you don't know when the pesky yanks will have an end to their recession!

I've been adjusting the modratec gear to fit each individual point as they're all a little different in how they're located. Today if I can stay focussed (worked 6pm till 4:30 am today, yep 3hrs sleep!) I will be organising the wiring of the points to the colour code that I've set up the module to.

That's about it, have a good one, Geoff.

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