Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SSC-construction update 3

A quick post tonight with a couple of pix of where I'm at. I've put down the points to see how they all line up, and it all seems to be ok. I marked the sleeper spacing for between the turnouts and all going well I may get some glued down tonight if I get off here quickly enough.

A little bit more searching through my track detail information and I discovered a couple of important things. I had said that the trackwork pre 1900 had been the only time that 3' spacing was used on branchlines when in fact it has been used extensively well into the 1960's. I also plan to try to emulate the real thing as far as trackwork at rail joins. The theory was to lay an extra sleeper to support the two ends of the rail at the fishplate, the practice was a different setup altogether. A simple cost effective solution was just to lay one sleeper at an angle so that two ends were closer together to support the joint.

The back drop is not my winged keel, it's just faster to get to the layout if I leave it covered with the sheet. Yep the dust cover is warranted, remember the dust storm?

OK I was able to get some sleepers down tonight, the goods siding is layed and in not much time at all. A half hour here and there can really add up over a week or so, hopefully I'll get back out there some other night this week. Have a good one, Geoff.

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